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  • Venessa P | Toronto

    "Before EZLitter I had to carry pounds of stinky and dusty cat litter into my home! Then I found EZLitter and decided to give my first month a because they had a bonus cat mat and scooper at the time! My cat took to the seven pound bag of beautiful white crystal litter immediately. It's easy to dean, there are no crazy smells and it puts my mind at ease knowing my cat is okay using the ingenious color guide provided in the shipping box!"

    • 5.0
  • Josh A | Sacramento

    "I like to have my friends over for dinner on weekends. I also like to cuddle with my cat during weekdays after work. The problem was my cat litter STUNK and my home smelled like cat urine and feces! Then I found EZLitter's and they said the odor controlling formulation was so EZ I wouldn't even notice I had a cat box. I decided to give it a try, almost to prove myself wrong. But I wasn't dissapointed. My home smells fresh all month long and I forget I even have cat litter anymore. It ships easily on a monthly basis and the smell is completely gone. Five stars for the easiest litter ever invented. "

    • 5.0
  • Steph & Brian R. | New York

    "We decided to get a cat when we first moved in together. It reminded me of my childhood growing up with pets. But the litter box tracking drove my husband crazy. Then I found EZLitter and decided to give this new litter a try. Heck, it said EZ in the title! My cat had no issue with transitioning to the new litter and it is EZ, so EZ I forgot I even have cat litter anymore! It doesn't track, I got the EZLitter cat mat to go along with everything and now my husband doesn't have any issue with pets. We're thinking of another cat or dog soon. Thanks EZLitter team! "

    • 5.0
  • Chrystal R | Wisconsin

    "During the COVID pandemic, I gained a few pounds. I decided to do an at home workout to get fit, that's when I realized the air quality in my home STUNK. My friend recommended me to EZLitter because the STINK is virtually gone and the odor control lasts all month. I'm happy to say I stuck with my fitness program despite my lack of motivation and now I lost 9.2 LBS (2.9KG) in 3 months. My new boyfriend loves cat and LOVES EZLitter! Less time shopping more time for Netflix :) "

    • 5.0
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