How many cats do you have?

1 Cat

$0,93 $31

first month

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2 Cats

$1,68 $62

first month

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4 Cats

$3,33 $124

first month


The EZ Litter Difference

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Just Scoop The Poop!

EZ Litter evaporates moisture automatically & eliminates unpleasant distractions, so you can escape the traditional kitty litter routine.


Best Kitty Care

Our revolutionary formula ensures a cleaner litter box experience, so you can enjoy a clean and inspiring atmosphere.



EZ Litter is made from all naturally sourced ingredients, so you can feel good knowing it's safe for the earth, the environment, and your cats.

How Does Silica Gel Work?

Silica crystals have millions of tiny pores, which is why they absorb water extremely well. It's why they are commonly used in packaged foods.

Fun fact: 1 bag of EZ Litter has a total surface area larger than a football field.

It's because of these properties that EZ litter absorbs urine better than any other litter and that 1 bag lasts for an entire month.

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