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Protect Your Kitty With The World's Most Hygienic Kitty Litter
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Give your kitty the comfort they deserve with the world's healthiest odor-free, dust-free, track-free, and hassle-free cat litter!


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The Ultimate Escape From Your Kitty Litter Chores.

You get less stink, less scooping, less tracking dust around your home, more time bonding with your cats.
Upgrade your life with the world's easiest cat litter!

Best Odor Control

No more litter smells ruining the atmosphere at home. 

Our science-based odor control is 3.2x better than competitors.

Health Monitoring

EZ Litter® gives you an early alert system for your kitty's health.

Color-changing technology interacts with abnormalities in your cat's urine to detect feline illnesses.

80% Less Tracking

Free your life from litter cleaning chores and enjoy a cleaner living environment. 

EZ Litter® is formulated to eliminate litter from getting trapped in paws & dragged around your home.

Convenient Care

Our litter is 99.9% virtually dust-free, protecting you and your kitty from respiratory issues.

It's easy to dispose of in the toilet, and we deliver monthly to your doorstep. Embrace a life of effortless kitty care.

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Enjoy Peace Of Mind

You could save your cat's life, and save yourself from expensive vet bills.

EZ Litter® is a silica-based cat litter from naturally sourced minerals.
You get an early warning system that detects potential health issues in your kitty.

Because your little furball deserves the best!

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Dark yellow/olive green means your cat likely does not have any feline illnesses.

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Blue is an indicator of higher alkalinity levels. Your cat may have a urinary tract infection.

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Orange is an indicator of high acidity levels. Your cat may have a kidney disorder.

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Red is an indicator of blood in the urine. Your cat may have bladder or kidney issues.

How It Works

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Order Your EZ Litter®

Just 1 bag of cat litter per cat per month.
You need less litter thanks to our advanced formula.

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Enjoy The Benefits

Your kitty stays healthy & hygienic.
Your home remains a smell & dust-free sanctuary for the whole month.

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Delivered To You Monthly

Your litter is delivered to you, always free shipping, straight to your doorstep for ultimate convenience.

Compare EZ Litter® To Others

 EZ Litter®Tofu LitterClay Litter
Health MonitoringXX
Advanced Odor ControlX
Low TrackingX
Monthly RefillsXX

3 Ways EZ Litter® Saves You Money

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  • You pay just $1/day.
    You get a better price & more value with EZ Litter®.
  • You get more out of your litter.
    Less refills thanks to our advanced formula.
  • You save on vet bills through early detection.
    Prevention always costs less than reaction treatment.

The Healthy, Hygienic, Hassle-Free Choice

Three Cat Litter Box

EZLitter's® premium health indicating litter is science-based so you feel like a proud pet parent knowing for certain that your kitty's litter is safe and non-toxic for them & the environment.

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No Long Term Commitment EZLitter
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